Week 11: Internet of THINGS!

Moving on from my previous post, this week’s topic is one notch above. Now instead of being just limited to how the Web is able to know us better, it’s about the relationship between things (like literally).

You can think of it as a form of machine-to-machine communication that’s built on (1) networks of data-gathering sensors and (2) cloud computing. What this big hoo-hah is all about is that we can now use sensors to attach to objects, gadgets, and just about anything we can imagine to collect data, which is then transmitted to a cloud so that the data can be interpreted and utilized by communicating with other devices like our smartphones.

You can also think of it like monitoring the physical objects around us without us actually physically monitoring them. Based on the data collected, the IoT will automate certain processes for the ease of our convenience. For example, when we get out of bed in the morning, the sensors on our bed would turn on lights to the bathroom. Also, sensors on our toothpaste or toilet paper will notify us when our resources are getting low; they might even automatically make an online purchase for new supply. (This could go on and on and on…)

I would think that the IoT is a real deal because currently, we already posseses its key ingredients: sensors and cloud computing. All we need is to integrate them together and voilà~ MAGIC!!!

via GIPHYTo give you an idea of how this could all work out, take a look at the lovely infographic done by the telecommunications company, Libelium, which designs and manufactures wireless sensor network devices.

SHO COOL! I wonder how it would be like to live in such a smart city. (Source)

It’s pretty neat huh? So, what are my thoughts on this? Hmm… Although I think it’s pretty neat and all, it can be a little scary to think of the extent that we are going to be relying on technology. Yeah, I know that we are already relying on technology, but still, technology is just there as an aid to help us; we still have to manually do certain processes ourselves. What if one day technology fails? Would we all be so helpless then? Would we forget how to do certain things for ourselves? Okay, we might not, but how about our children and grandchildren who never have to learn how to do certain things while growing up in a smart world?

Actually, when I was thinking about how lazy we could be with the IoT, a scene from WALL-E popped into my head.


Well, that could be us. Oh wait, maybe not us-us, but our grandchildren’s grandchildren, maybe (hehe).

And, if you’re really bored, maybe you can check this link out to see 15 IoT products that are a bit useless (But who knows? Maybe stuffs like these are are future.)



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