Week 13: Charouternet

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Wow. It’s already the end of the semester! This means that it’s time to wrap this blog up too~

Here’s a quick/rather long recap of what we’ve learned in class and my blog posts:

Week 1: Introduction to the Internet
[Class] We were introduced to the Internet and its history (like how it started as a defense project and all). We also learned about the OSI Model, which took me some time to digest. Thankfully we had an acronym for that (Ah Pek Saw The National Day Parade) to help us remember all 7 layers.

[Blog] I went to find out the difference between the Internet and the Web, and realized learned that the Internet is actually a hardware, whereas the Web is a software.

Week 2: Social Media

[Class] I learned that social media has been around with us for a long time. It didn’t have to be what we have now; as long as it could help build social relations, it was a form of social media (i.e. sending letters to one another).

[Blog] I decided to focus on tagging, and how powerful tags can be to connect us to one another, whether we are aware of them or not.

Week 3: Social Networking for Business

[Class] Social networking for businesses is all part of a company’s marketing strategy—how a business can tap onto social media to expand its reach.

[Blog] I went to look up @Wendy’s Twitter account, which is part of their marketing strategy, in terms of how they deal with haters in a humorous way that could have actually helped them to increase sales and boost their popularity.

Week 4: Doing Business on the Internet

[Class] There are 3 dimensions of e-commerce: Product, Process, & Delivery Agent. How virtual these dimensions are determine to what extent a business can be truly an e-commerce.

[Blog] Even though I felt that online businesses may be a threat to traditional businesses, I learned that if traditional businesses were to embrace e-commerce to provide their customers an omnichannel experience, they may actually benefit from it instead.

Week 5: E-learning

[Class] It didn’t occur to me that before we can even talk about e-learning, we need to first look at learning itself. We learned that based on Bloom’s taxonomy, there are 3 domains to learning: Cognitive, Psychomotor, & Affective.

[Blog] I explored the possibility of actually learning something with e-learning tools, and yes, we can learn with e-learning; it’s only a matter of how it’s conducted, according to the student’s needs and learning style preference.

Week 6: Internet Tools

[Class] We played around with the various Internet tools available online, which was pretty fun.

[Blog] We had to make our own video. I had to learn online how to speed up certain parts of my video.

Week 8: Internet Security

[Class] There are various malware, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses. Some of them can come from suspicious looking e-mail from an unknown sender.

[Blog] I focused on cyberattacks and how we can fight against them.

Week 9: Multimedia and Hypermedia

[Class] We looked at cool stuffs using VR and AR, and how a FPS game was made more realistic with the help of VR.

[Blog] I talked about my cool experience with VR at the amusement park in Seoul!

Week 10: The Future of Internet

[Class] We looked at Web 3.0 more in-depth and its various characteristics.

[Blog] I followed up on Web 3.0 and analyzed how we actually have it right now (in the form of an intelligent personal assistant) based on its several characteristics.

Week 11: Internet of Things

[Class] We learned how IoT can change how the industry works.

[Blog] I considered how it would be like to actually have the Internet of Things.

Week 12: Innovation Initiatives

[Class] We didn’t really go through this in class ._.

[Blog] I looked at how some products are pretty similar to another company’s, yet they are still considered to be an innovation just because they add value, and help us to do certain things better.

If you noticed a pattern between our classes and my blog posts as we go down the weeks, you would realize that the content starts getting more informal. I would say that this is because of the nature of the Internet. The boring stuffs about it are just the hard facts about its past and all. However, whatever can be said about its future, may still be a huge question mark even though we can already make certain predictions.

With that being said, this would mean that we would require a constant state of learning and re-learning when it comes to the Internet. And that would be my take-away from this class:





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